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fire bricks manufacturer and supplier in Kolkata. provide high alumina bricks AL% - 31.0%


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About us

  Dutt and Co about us/profile We, at Dutt and Co., is your one-stop destination for refractory products of all shapes and grades. We started our journey way back in 1920. Our mother company Debdas Dutt and Sons were one of the oldest refractory manufacturers. Over the years the demand of the industry has changed a lot and so did we changed our products. We are one of the best dynamic companies that on will ever see as we are constantly evolving our products by keeping in mind the ever-changing needs of the market.

  We, at Dutt and Co., started our journey under the able leadership of our mentor Mr. Pradip Dutta in the year 2003. With his leadership skills and vast experience, he took the company to newer heights within a short period of time. Right now, Dutt and Co. are one of the leading refractory manufacturers in the country with our roots being embedded in West Bengal. We are always keen on learning and improving the products and services we provide to our customers.

We not only provide you with the standard range of products but also provide refractories that are tailor-made to suit the specific requirements of the consumers. We are your one-stop fire bricks manufacturer and supplier in Kolkata. There is one thing with which we will never ever compromise, and that is the quality of our products. That is why we have the strict quality assurance system in place which helps us to supply the best in quality products for our customers. We also care about the environment and do our utmost best to keep our Mother Nature safe. This is what creates the differentiation between Dutt and Co. and other companies. We have an environmental management process in place which is quite meticulous in nature. All in all, we are the best and all-round solution provider for all your refractory products need.

What You Get From Us

We have a wide range of dense firebricks that will suit most applications. We have standard bricks that have % Alumina which can be used in boilers and speciality brick that will have 90% of Alumina and can handle some of the most aggressive tasks. Our different bricks can suit: ·
. Aluminium        
. Steel         
. Glass and Frits        
.Heat recovery       
.Waste disposal        

.Crucible furnaces         
.Food processing 

 .And almost any other application that needs brick lining

Some Of Our Best Alumina Bricks

· 30 AL: Used for general purpose, pot furnace backup, and other applications
· 40 AL: Used for areas where abrasion is extremely dominant
· 42 AL: Used for steel ladle
·  42 D: Used for the wall, blast furnace, and checker
· 45 D: Used for cement or rotary kiln and blast furnace

Why We Are The Best In This Industry

·  Experience:
When you look to choose a fire bricks manufacturer and supplier in Kolkata, you may not be concerned about the experience. But, you should know that experience plays a pivotal role in ensuring that you are buying refractory products from the right manufacturer. We, the Dutt and Co., are one of the most experienced manufacturers of refractory products in the country.

·  Reputation: Dutt and Co. is a reputed name in this industry. We are providing great-quality refractory products to our customers for a huge number of years and by doing so, we have created a reputation for ourselves which we will look to maintain forever.

·  Wide Range Of Products:
We manufacture a wide range of products that are essential to cater to the requirements of the industries of the modern times. So, if the refractory products are your need then none can supply and fulfil that need with the highest-quality products as we will do. 

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